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Mystic topaz set in 18k gold vermeil with black rhodium inlaid patterns and silver claws, 2012.

Client testimonial: “I found this stone in a local shop in Mexico and it was sold in a very simple silver ring. I immediately thought of commissioning this work to Ornella, who could make a masterpiece out of it. When I met with Ornella to discuss the idea of my bespoke creation, she asked me if there were any story, memory, or theme behind the stone from which she could get her inspiration for the design. So I thought “what was the most popular mystical symbol reflected in Ukatan’s art, the heritage of the Mayan civilization?….. Jaguar!” It was a blessing. Ornella came up with beautifully polished jaguar claws and silky mat fur fulfilled in the complexion of the ring. I was fascinated with the result – Ornella came up with something absolutely unique and which means a lot to me – my own wild jaguar at my fingertips!”