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Transformation of a “Solitaire” ring into a less “solitaire” (lonely) diamond, 2012. (honeycomb cells in 18k yellow gold set with diamonds)

Client testimonial: “It was great fun to come with the idea for this ring. Ornella asked me to bring jewellery, which I don’t wear and I came with the box of little things acquired at different stages of my life and for some reasons lying without any use. Ornella picked up this solitaire antique ring given to me by my husband many years ago. She said she loved the honeycomb shape made around the diamond and could work with it to give a modern twist to this 100 years old ring. For that we used another one of my rings, which I bought in India, and which had 8 clear and lovely diamonds on it, but no design whatsoever. So Ornella put it all together and now I wear this ring very often!”